Implementing sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing process is only the beginning of Firth's contribution to sustainable building. Our sustainability pillars focus on carbon reduction, water conservation, the circular economy, supply chain efficiency and social sustainability.

We can design mixes to meet customers’ desired Embodied Carbon (EC) rating, thus making a contribution to the low carbon efforts in the construction industry.

With our new EC³ calculator we are able to
evaluate the 
specific carbon footprint of any
concrete mix 
anywhere in the country.

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Firth have been developing, manufacturing and delivering concrete and concrete products to New Zealanders for almost a century. Firth, has over 70 manufacturing sites across the geography of New Zealand spanning from the Bay of Islands down to Invercargill.

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All Firth products are formulated to meet strict NZ standards. Our engineers ensure Firth customers receive the highest quality product that they can rely on. Our concrete products are tried and trusted so customers can be sure what we make, makes the grade. Always.

Partnering with Firth provides a very advantageous starting point in achieving your sustainability goals wherever you are in the country!



We Declare.

Your trusted Firth concrete and masonry products now come with a Declare label. So if you’re looking for products that are made with the passionate belief of durability, sustainability and a view to the future, choose Firth. With our newly awarded Declare labelling, you’ll know exactly what we’re made of. To find out what a Declare label means, click here.