Firth has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of its contractors whilst engaged by Firth to perform tasks for our benefit. Firth recognises that significant risk may occur without a systematic approach to contractor health, safety and environmental management.

It is essential that both Firth and the engaged contractor consult, co-operate with, and co-ordinate activities throughout the term of the contract so we are comfortable that risk on both sides is managed.

As part of our duty under the Act in engaging a contractor Firth follows a structure of engagement detailed below:

The following procedure sets out a guideline for the management of contractors to ensure their safety whilst engaged to perform work for Firth.



Scoping the Contract.

This is to determine what will be required, how complex the contract will be and the potential risks.


Pre-Qualification of Contractors.

This ensures we carefully evaluate the contractors’ health, safety and environmental management for the particular job.


Selection and Approval.

This is to select the most appropriate contractor based on their ability to meet the requirements.


Terms of Agreement.

Health and safety expectations and requirements are included in contractor agreements or terms of service.


Contractor Induction.

To provide contractors with the correct information about health and safety and site requirements.


Performance Monitoring and Evaluation.

To carry out regular inspections of contractors work to ensure health and safety requirements are met and to evaluate performance at the end of a contract.