Coloured Concrete

We love Concrete! We've taken concrete, a product we've been perfecting for over 85 years and developed it further to create a more desirable and unique look to complement our natural and built environments. Extensive research and experience in providing concrete solutions has led us to create a classic colour collection for our concrete – the Firth Element Coloured Concrete. 

Please note that not all aggregate/pebble mixes are pumpable (e.g. standard structural mix or aggregate mixes with no fines). Talk to your local Firth representative for more details on product suitability. 

Note: Colours below are indicative only. Viewing a sample before purchasing product is recommended.


Suitable for Paths, Patios, Courtyards, Floors, Driveways

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Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

The real beauty in our 8 natural colours is revealed when all the various environmental factors affecting the final finish are taken into account - such as the natural local materials available, the time of year, the conditions on the day and so on - our base set of concrete colours will provide an infinite pool of creation in its own right. View our Elements Brochure here 

Why Firth Elements?

Why Firth Elements?

  • A stylish, low-maintenance and durable option
  • The flexibility to choose concrete colours that create dramatic driveways, concrete floors, paths and patios
  • The look of large paving tiles
  • The ability to be combined with Firth Pebble Mixes for a dramatically different concrete effect
  • Low environmental impact (our oxides are made from recycled metal and coloured concrete can be recycled)


When you call 0800 CONCRETE (0800 26627383), it connects you to the Firth Concrete Plant closest to you. 

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